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Welcome to MyPi

The MyPi is a RaspberryPi or ASUS Tinker with a preloaded micro SD card, that has the operating system on and data files, exactly the same as the hard drive on your PC. It is very easy to use your unit for a number of setup ups, just take the SD card out and put in another.

Most files and programs are auto updated so no need to do that, all MyPi Programs and files have their own updater which is much faster than the system one, as each file is updated on the main MyPi server so every MyPi in the world updates that file, you wont notice it happening. But the following are not and are down to you to update:- wordpress, webmin and joomla, these are not supported by the Jessie or MyPi updater as they have their own updaters.

What makes MyPi unique is the Peer to Peer networking system for GPIO pin programming and messages, the MyPi uses MyPi's main servers as a DNS server, storing no information at all on the main servers, just uses the main server to get the current IP of any MyPi in the network, then the MyPi's talk to each other directly, this is much more efficient that using main servers to store and forward information, plus it works with both static and dynamic IP's, each MyPi uses it own MySQL database to store and exchange information with others, this does mean that both MyPi's must be online but the MyPi is setup to be on 24/7. All MyPi Programs are open source and in an editable form so you can edit them to add your own GPIO functions and encryption for your messages.

When you buy a preloaded card from mypi you are buying a life time license to use the MyPi server and getting the card for free, the first thing you must do is copy the card to your laptop or PC, then insert it into you Pi with a connection to the internet and turn it on, if using wireless you will have to set that up and reboot it, if using a cable then the router will set up the pi's IP, once connected click MyPi setup in the main menu under help to setup your domain name and os sim port, follow the help in setup.