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MyPi Tinker Media Server

This MyPi Media server is a ASUS Tinker with a preloaded micro SD card, that has the operating system on and data files plus a 500 GB 2.5 inch hard drive that is setup as the root directory for the apache web server. This drive has the web files and 320gb of videos. that the site displays, you don't need to make a drive the root, you can keep the videos private and for your own viewing by using Kodi instead of a web interface.

The ASUS Tinker has:
A 1.8GHz 32-bit quad-core Rockwell CPU
2G of ram
1Gig Ethernet port
802.11n Wireless LAN

Like the Pi, it also has:
4 USB ports
40 GPIO pins (no I2C or SPI as yet)
Full HDMI port
Combined 3.5mm audio jack and composite video
Camera interface (CSI)
Display interface (DSI)
Micro SD card slot (push-push)
VideoCore IV 3D graphics core

The ASUS Tinker has an identical form factor to the Raspberry Pi.

MyPi have a demo ASUS Tinker media server on

Tinker Front Page